Welcome to Tecun Uman Spanish School

Welcome to Tecun Uman <span>Spanish School</span>
Tecún Umán is a top-quality Spanish School, founded in 1983. It is a fully-accredited and recognized by the Ministry of Education and by INGUAT (the official Tourism Office) of Guatemala.

We have also been recognized as a qualitative school from Lonely Planet’s Guide to Guatemala. We are one of the few schools in Guatemala to grant college credits through Universidad Rural de Guatemala.
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Welcome to Tecun Uman <span>Spanish School</span>

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We make every effort to make sure that our students stay is comfortable and enjoyable.
The key to our <span>Successful </span>Spanish  Programs The key to our <span>Successful </span>Spanish  Programs

The key to our Successful Spanish Programs

The key to our success is based on three important elements: Our teachers, our methodology, and our resources. The main element is the staff of 35 teachers who have an experience of 16 years teaching Spanish to foreign students.

These teachers are college graduates, and have earned a certificate in teaching Spanish as a Second Language; they are up to date in the latest teaching techniques, and have been selected for their outstanding qualities as teachers.

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Tailored programs for your needs

Our classes are from 8 a.m. to as late 6 p.m., depending on the number of hours that the student would like to take with us. For a typical four hour course, the first half is spent on learning new useful grammar and the second half is devoted to apply what has been learned previously. We offer the students the option to also indicate how much time they would like to advice up their class time.

We recognize that our clients study for various reasons (Professional, educational, and for fun), so, we want to make sure that we accomplish the needs of our students.

Normally, we suggest that students who plan to say a short time take more hours per day, and those staying longer, less hours per day.

The one teacher, one student system for learning Spanish offers personalized attention, cultural exposure, flexible pacing, immediate feedback, conversational practice, and serves as a gateway to learning other languages.

Group classes offers diverse interaction, cultural exchange, collaborative learning, cost-effectiveness, motivation and responsibility, and a structured curriculum, all of which contribute to the student’s ability at a flexible, adaptable pace and opportunities for cultural exchange, all of which contribute to an effective language learning experience.

Learn Spanish anywhere you are! , our one on one online program gives you flexibility to receive your classes from your home or workplace
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