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Online Spanish Classes Program

We are the pioneers of the online Spanish Programs in Antigua

Since 2006 we have developed an Online Spanish Program, based on the need of the FACE-TO-FACE Student who study with our school, to maintain their knowledge of the language and their own spanish current when returning to their respective country. So, first we help you speak and practice and then we help you develop the language as such.

Spanish Online Classes in Antigua Guatemala
What we offer

Experienced ancient native teachers

Flexible Schedules: 25 or 55 minutes of classes

From 1:00pm until 8:00pm

You can organize your own schedule and your paid classes do not have an expiration time!

We use Skype as our preferred tool

We use virtual material for teaching, share the didactic materials and tasks.


 – Instruction Type


– Class Time:

25 or 55 minutes on a flexible schedule

– Schedule

Afternoon from 1:00pm to 8:00pm


Online Spanish Lessons / Program for Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced students.

For the Skype Classes, please send us the following information to info@tecunumanschool.edu.gt

Available Plans

Choose the plan that better fit your needs and time.

OPTION 1 - 25 minutes - Half Time lessons

Half Time lessonsPriceBuy
10 half time lessons$ US 75.00 - GTQ Q.539.00
20 half time lessons$ US 150.00 - GTQ Q.1,155.00
30 half time lessons$ US 225.00 - GTQ Q.1,732.00
40 half time lessons$ US 300.00 - GTQ Q.2,310.00

OPTION 2 - 55 minutes - Full Time lessons

Hours / ClassesPriceBuy
10 hours$ US 140.00 - GTQ Q.1,078.00
20 hours$ US 270.00 - GTQ Q.2,079.00
30 hours$ US 390.00 - GTQ Q.3,003.00
40 hours$ US 480.00 - GTQ Q.3,696.00

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