Spanish School in Antigua Guatemala

About Spanish School

 We are a trustworthy, innovative and modern spanish school in Antigua Guatemala. We have 39 years of experience teaching Spanish.

What we do ?

Individual and group courses of Spanish as a second language.
Our courses are based on short, medium and long term goals, constantly planned and evaluated.

Why Antigua Guatemala ?

It is a multicultural place with visitor of all the world.

Who is it for?

For foreign students with different purposes:

We offer for all our students

Our Spanish School and Antigua Guatemala waiting for you


2005 - 2009

The Start
of the project

In association with we started the project of individual clasess on internet.

We adapted our program of 4 hours of dialy classes to a condesed and own program of 50 minutes.

2009 - 2011


After our partnership with has ended, we continued our project independetly as a complement to our one-on-one classes in Antigua Guatemala.

since 2011

Japanese !

We working continuously with Japanese students. Work that to date is one  our strengths in the e-learning method.



The year of specialization, we became the best oprtion for online learning, our experience, professionalism and techniques prove it.